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25 films about food

The film is still an effective way to raise awareness and interest in certain topics. In this article we collect some shorts and documentaries about the food system found the net. This article is based on a work of Food Tank and own investigation of Earth Foundation .We offer a list of documentaries in which the protagonists are food, in a thought to adopt a more healthy and sustainable food vision. This compilation from movie4k  also serves to deepen the importance of land rights of small farmers, from those located in sub-Saharan Africa , through the insidious domination of fast food in an urban community of California. Each title offers an opportunity to be informed and simultaneously inspire a new healthy eating style for us and the planet.

1. A farmer in Africa property rights : in developing countries around the world, farmers are losing their land and natural resources, causing negative effects on local livelihoods and welfare, and the local environment and ecosystem services. Short of World Resources Institute. 1:56 min


2. A place at table (A place at the table) : documentary about hunger, especially in the US, with the presence of Jeff Bridges describing the challenges for the food system. 2:26 min.

3. Fast Food : mounting infographics on different data on food. 2:15 min.

4. Food chains (food chains) : film director Sanjay Rawal on human rights violations of agricultural workers who harvest 125 million kg of fresh fruits and vegetables (280 million dollars) each day in the United States.

5. Le soif du monde (The thirst of the world) : 90 – minute documentary photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, author of the documentary Home , focusing on water issues.

6. Food speculation : In 2007 and 2008, food prices rose sharply, leading to riots in all developing countries. World Economy, Ecology and Development (WEED) describes how speculation in financial stocks futures food causes dangerous fluctuations. 7:17 min.

7. Forks Over Knives : This film shows how degenerative diseases that plague in the United States, are due to the consumption of processed foods and animal products.

8. Fresh, the film : a documentary highlighting to farmers who are innovating and reinventing the food system to prevent pollution, obesity, and depletion of natural resources. 72 minutes.

9. The hidden costs of burgers : cortometraje Center for Investigative Journalism detailing the costs of meat with surprising data. 7:52 min.

10. How to feed the world? (How to feed the world?) : Short film created for the exhibition Bon Appétit in Science City of Paris in 2010. It offers the viewer a global perspective on the production and distribution of food along with guidance on how to eat more sustainably. 9:04 min.

11. The Harvest (Harvest) : documentary that follows the lives of three immigrant workers field, all under 18 years. 7:27 min.

12. King Corn : is a documentary about two friends who grow an acre of corn and realize how their crop drives fast food. With the help of neighbors, genetically modified seeds and poisonous herbicides achieved a record harvest, most subsidized on an acre of land Iowa. And when they try to trace their corn crop in the food system they assail questions about what we eat and how we grow.

13. Nokia, HK Honey : hidden in the urban landscape of Hong Kong, there is a community of beekeepers who are providing residents access to local honey and help urban dwellers are closer to their food. 03: 21min.

14. Our Daily Bread : 90 – minute documentary featuring a striking look at how food is produced and how food production companies use technology to maximize efficiency and profit.


15.- The Garden (The Garden) : documentary that tells the story of a community of South Central Los Angeles to defend a piece of land to grow amidst the city.

16. The Meatrix : this small film addresses four basic questions: cruelty to animals present system of meat production, the inherent danger of creating resistant germs by excess supply of antibiotics, massive environmental contamination by manure and agriculture – based fertilizer to feed the animals and the destruction of rural communities.

17. The price of sugar : commovedora film that examines the working conditions and treatment of sugarcane farmers from Haiti in the Dominican Republic. A complaint about basic human rights involved in the cultivation of sugar. 90 min

18.- The Scarecrow : animated short film in which the protagonist is a scarecrow who tries to free your local food system unsustainable and processed foods. Promotes an app (The Scarecrow) in favor of sustainable food. 3:23 min.

19. Taste the waste : 90 – minute documentary filmmaker Valentin Thurn about the food they throw away. In European households each year are thrown in the trash food worth 100 billion euros, an amount equivalent to the annual volume of business of Nestle, the world’s largest food company.

20. Waste (Garbage) : a brief overview on the problem of food that end up in the trash with very basic data, but precisely for this reason interesting. It is a short produced by Schnittstelle THURN GbR from Germany commissioned by WWF and UNEP in collaboration with FAO and SIWI.

21. Bottled life : Documentary on the issue of bottled water. Commentary and basic data “Bottled Life “.

22. Our daily poison : almost 2 hours documentary based on the book of complaint about the genetic manipulation of food Marie-Monique Robin.

23. We Feed the World : 96 – minute documentary about food and globalization, fishermen and farmers, truckers and corporate executives on the circulation of goods and money, on the shortage surrounded by abundance. With its unforgettable images, the film tells us about the production of our food and tells us why we have something to do with hunger in the world. Comment and basic data We feed the world .

24. Super size me : the filmmaker Morgan Spurlock continues its evolution for thirty days eating only -under doctor monitoring the star American McDonald’s menu to denounce how it affected the health of people in a documentary-testimony of 90 min. Review and basic data of Super Size Me .

25.- Fast Food Nation : 115 min film. which tells how research can be found droppings in hamburger meat. The story based on the book by Eric Schlosser ” Fast Food. The dark side of junk food ” is also a statement against the harsh working conditions of Mexican workers. Comment and basic data of Fast Food Nation .

And a couple of EXTRAS:

Darwin’s Nightmare : documentary on fishing for Nile perch in Lake Victoria and the consequences of globalization on the purchase of “African mere”. 107 mintos. Comments and basic information Nightmare Darwin .

The End of the Line. A world without fish : Imagine a world without fish? This 2009 documentary explains how overfishing is changing the world and what we eat. Based on the book by British journalist Charles Clover, describes how the current global consumption is unsustainable: since 1998 the fish population is declining. Review and basic data in The End of the Line .

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