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Welcome to OSU Extra, the Extension, Research, and Teaching Archive of Oklahoma State University's Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. Our publications are available for online viewing as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader or click on the Adobe Acrobat box below..

OSU Extension Facts provide research-based information on a wide variety of subjects in regard to agriculture, economic development, family and consumer sciences, and youth development. You can navigate this site to the desired publication by one of two methods:

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It manages various scenarios in which projected agricultural and livestock activities and estimated revenues and costs in terms of pricing alternatives. Generates the campaign budget and presents management indicators comparing the expected value with the real.
Recipe management software uses the definitions of fields, lots, activities, tasks, inputs and finance categories defined in the relevant modules. The valuation is determined by options defined price lists for products and inputs.
The scenarios correspond to different versions of the use of the field and the evolution of the livestock rodeo. Agricultural activities are projected based on the technology of crop and livestock production viability is assessed by the feed balance.


Definition of culture technologies or “recipes” according to the work and inputs defined in the module of Work, indicating their expected performance. Determining the weight of the categories of finance atbeginningthe campaign and its monthly increase, adding dry matter intake for food aspercentage of weight. Specification of forage resources managed, with its range of dry matter for each month in kilos per hectare. Optional indication of the reunification of the accounts included direct cost indicators and other agricultural finance costs for the control board. Determination of indicator representing the field value per hectare for control panel indicators.

Generation versions or scenarios from the actual data, or another version of planning to make changes and evaluate alternatives.
Definition of the use of the surface of the field, assigning lots to agricultural or livestock activities, and indicating the recipe to apply or forage resource available.
Summary of the areas assigned to control overall activity and not assigned as a difference from the total field surface.

Calculating the direct cost of a prescription based on a price list indicating the cost of inputs.
Determination of the margin per hectare for a recipe based on the direct costs calculated and the expected sale price for the crop.
Consolidation of input requirements for field indicating the period of its application to schedule purchases.
Calculation of field margins and culture according to the areas allocated and values of the chosen list prices.
Determination of the amounts budgeted by accounting or just regrouped and period according to the defined accounting charges for the work and supplies.

capture the movements of finance planned for the campaign, heads.
Selecting movements admitted for viewing or editing, allowing to modify the values to evaluate alternative scenarios.
Presentation of the evolution of rodeo heads per field and per month, with opening by category and type of movement.
Determination of meat production in kilos according to the movements of farm and livestock defined parameters.
Calculation of forage supply of livestock batches according to the contribution of dry matter of the respective resources.
Determination of feed demand according to the evolution of the rodeo, their average weight and dry matter intake parameters indicated in livestock.
Monthly assessment of the gap between supply and demand to determine adjustments in the evolution of rodeo or supplementation needs.
Determination of the amounts budgeted by accounting or just regrouped and period according to the defined accounting charges for livestock movements.

Assessment return on investment and deviation between the budget and the real, brokeninto fifteen physical and economic indicators for each field and activity.

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